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The following is taken from the WWF web page: "Elephants have been revered for centuries in Asia, playing an important role in the continent's culture and religion. They are also play a critical role in maintaining the region's forests. But their habitat is shrinking and Asian elephants are now endangered."
I worked from a photo from Wildlife Reference Photos to create this picture - I loved the image of the two young elephants cuddled close together, but the plight of elephants kept playing on my mind. So to highlight this I left half of the picture very vague (watercolour) whilst half has been done in detail (pastels). This not only creates a striking image, but also brings home the message that we must do more to protect these wonderful animals.
54 x 44 x 3 cm (framed)

Vanishing Fast

SKU: 0005
  • 54 x 44 x 3 cm

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