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About Frances

I am Frances Daunt an animal artist from Derbyshire (near Matlock). I work in a variety of media, from pastel & pencil art to painted art, alongside my ever popular map art. A lot of my artwork is now in private collections all over the world.

I believe that my love for animals shines through in my work, from a close up of a tiger’s face to a portrait of a beloved pet I work hard to capture the spirit and energy of the animal.
Kingfisher York Sheet 98 1967 cloth Claire Connor FB.jpg
Snow Leopard Cub Pastels WRP FB.jpg
me (1).jpg

I do my best to raise awareness of issues affecting animals through my work and regularly donate pieces for charity fundraisers. 

I exhibit in various shows across the UK - if you would like to see if I will be attending a show or exhibition in your area please check out my Shows and Exhibitions page or contact me.

I run a friendly Facebook page so if you would like to see what I am up to on a daily basis please follow me at Frances Daunt Animal Artist or if you are a regular Instagram user check out my Instagram page. 

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