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On one of the FB groups I belong to I saw a wonderful photo of a hare which had a lovely story attached to it too. It had such a feeling of magic about it that I contacted the photographer and she very kindly allowed me to use her photo as reference. And this is the picture I have created.
I have called it The Road Less Travelled and it is an oil painting - a fairly big one at 16 x 20"
I am well pleased with the result of this one - I hope that I have captured the feeling of a magical encounter for you to see too.
The Road Less Travelled, oil paint, with thanks to Kim Masters.
And I thought I would also add this, written by Jenni as it goes with the picture so perfectly:
My walk through the woods has become more magical when coming upon this hare. Time slows down. I am encouraged to sit down for a while and listen to what he has to say. To hurry by is to miss something special. I love this hare because he reminds me to pause and reflect even in this busy chaotic world. 

Framed 18 x 22"

The Road Less Travelled

  • 18 x 22"

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