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Like many other people, I just love puffins - it's hard not to smile when you look at a puffin! These two are no exception. I used a couple of Claire Connor's lovely photos (with permission) as reference, but the setting is entirely from my head :)

This is a felted picture made entirely from wool (plus a few threads). It has been created using a combination of wet felting and needle felting and has been professionally framed in a glazed box frame. Photographs really do not do felted work justice - this is a really beautiful and unique piece of art.
My felted artwork is exhibited nationally and has won awards at various exhibitions.

Please note, this picture has been made entirely with wool (and a few silks or Angelina fibres) - there is no paint involved and no glue. I build up the picture using tiny pieces of wool and then it is the process of wet-felting that binds the wool together to create the picture. Because of the process involved, this picture can never be recreated and there will be no prints made of it. Who-ever buys this will own a completely unique piece of work


  • 61 x 52cm

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