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These two badger cubs have been painted on to a 1960 Peak District Tourist Map. This piece is very special to me for many reasons. Firstly the area shown covers my home (a village just outside Matlock, Derbyshire). Then the cubs are two that were out in the fields near me in daytime. I just about became their guardian - regularly walking the fields where they were to check that they were okay and leaving out water and food for them. So the reference photos that I worked from to create this piece were my own photos and observations. Judging by the expansion of our local badger setts I think that these two must have thrived.

Anyway, if you are interested in the two cutest badger cubs on this lovely old map, you may like to know that the map has been 'flattened' and framed in a dark brown wooden frame.

Badger Cubs - 1960 Peak District Tourist Map

  • 46 x 61cm

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