This is called "One in Three" and shows a Western Lowland Gorilla surrounded by the ebola virus (which has killed 1 in 3 of these magnificent animals). It is easy for us to forget that our viruses can also affect non-human primates in similar catastrophic ways.
The title came to me from the UB40 song, 1 in 10 which has the line - a statistic, a reminder of a world that doesn't care.....
Colour pencils and pastels based on my own reference photo.

This picture was started at the start of 2020, before there was much worry here about coronavirus, but it has taken on a whole new significance since then!

This picture has been double mounted and framed.

Prints available - please email for size and price information.

1 in 3 - Western Lowland Gorilla and Ebola Virus

  • 47 x 53cm

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